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This is a short movie directed by Terri Timely (Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey) a story about a surreal experience . Synesthesia is the ability to associate sounds with tastes, colors, letters, numbers or even people and Terri Timely  developed this  concept in something that stands out. I think that they highlighted the idea of discovering new ways of expression, new ways of seeing  the world around us, the way we can infinitely use objects, colors, tastes etc. to form a totally different understanding of everything that surrounds us. We are  used to take everything for granted and this leads us to boredom, destroying our curiosity, never looking beyond appearances. Synesthesia brigs an element of surprise and unexpected combinations that is  so refreshing for all our senses.

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Handmade is an independent short film shot  under rain in 2006 in Sao Paulo. The post production was made in Barcelona. The movie was directed by Denis Kamioka aka CISMA a Brazilian animation director, Handmade is his first short film using live action. This surrealistic short movie combined with animation has a very well encoded message, but basically it talks about the beginning and the end of a relationship using a lot of symbols. It’s funny how synchronized i discover the same theme both in a short and  a long version, the long one is a movie i watched last night You and me and every one we know directed by Miranda July.

You can watch Handmade  here

Also one of the best parts about Handmade is that it was co-written by Herbert Baglione (check out this great interview with him).

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