Handmade is an independent short film shot  under rain in 2006 in Sao Paulo. The post production was made in Barcelona. The movie was directed by Denis Kamioka aka CISMA a Brazilian animation director, Handmade is his first short film using live action. This surrealistic short movie combined with animation has a very well encoded message, but basically it talks about the beginning and the end of a relationship using a lot of symbols. It’s funny how synchronized i discover the same theme both in a short and  a long version, the long one is a movie i watched last night You and me and every one we know directed by Miranda July.

You can watch Handmade  here  http://www.handmademovie.com/

Also one of the best parts about Handmade is that it was co-written by Herbert Baglione (check out this great interview with him).

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