I’m  more focused on documenting my vision and my dreams about this and other worlds. I don’t want to document the world as is it, I want to document what I see. Photos are images, and the memories most of the times are images.

Jamie Martinez is a 31-year old photographer who currently lives in Mexico City.  He uses the so called technique Wiggle Stereoscopy which is capable of recording three-dimensional visual information or creating the illusion of depth in an image. He is currently experimenting with animated gifs from static photos.

His surreal photos explore the boundaries of dreams, create questions, play with curiosity. His inspiration is the sky, the stars, clouds, legs, childhood and people. The pictures vibrate with mystery,  gives you the necessary space for interpretation, are not asking for instantaneous reaction, you want to come back to them, to rediscover them in a different form, in different circumstances, they talk gently, waiting patiently for attention.

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