This building caught my attention with its pretty green nuances, but even more alluring is the quiet equilibrium of shapes and colors. There is a visible continuity of the surroundings and a bit more than that, the building seems like a big stone with moss grass on it which gives a deep sensation of freshness.  It is balanced bright, timid and full of symbolic connotations.

Another appealing thing about this piece of architecture is its functionality. It is organized as a series of four parallel bodies in which fully built and empty areas are alternated. It’s built to fit both children’s and educator’s needs and their different perception of spaces. The first body is placed at the outer public west side, and it accomplishes a filtering role against external noise. The empty central space has an intense natural illumination through a skylight clearly emerging over the rest of the building, the long corridor or meeting point provides access to the various learning modules. The external backyard is thought as a prolongation of the space of the classrooms through the opening of large windows. A two meters roof space protects the classrooms from the summer sun. It’s a perfect combination of glass concrete, rubber, rolling stones, grass and wooded area lets us create suggestive and varied playing spaces for children.

via archdaily