Syoin Kajii was born in Niigata, Japan in 1976. His interest in photography began while attending junior high school and is self-taught. As a student he traveled around the world, visiting Britain and Papua New Guinea and Cambodia. In 2000 he returned to Japan where he continued the tradition of his grandfather and became a Buddhist monk and continued his career as a photographer. NAMI is a series of photos of waves around the shores of Sado Island in Japan and the title of the best-selling photobook of Syoin Kajii.

Using a digital camera, I photograph waves by staying in the water, or going down on the rocky seaside. I often stay there like that about 5 ~ 6 hours, but normally I try to capture the very moment I was somehow startled, so it’s not only targeted to just high waves.

The waves have the infinite possibility of expression and creates an antithesis, it’s scary but beautiful, dangerous or calm, angry or vital. The contradiction is the essence.

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