Would you live in a box? I definitely would although i would probably prefer a loftcube on a rooftop in a big city or somewhere in the desert. But here is another project that i really liked.

Architect: Sami Rintala

Location: Oslo, Norway

Size: exterior measures 5500 cm (length) x 5700 cm (height) x 2300 cm (width).

Rintala Eggertsson Architects box is a quite interesting one, its low-cost and low-energy flat, the house features four rooms – a kitchen and dining space, bathroom, living room and bedroom – and offers a cheap alternative to a one-bed flat.
The architect describes the house as an “urban cave, where a person can withdraw and forget the intensity of the surrounding city for a while”.  The architect’s aim was to create a private, clean space also  incorporating traditions from other cultures, designed for single occupancy, but that can easily accommodate guests.