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Kim Cogan is a Fransisco based painter born in Pusan, Korea in 1977, a very young and promising artist.  His work is mostly focused on representing the intimacies of urban life. His refined oil paintings are somehow balancing between realism and abstraction. People tend to associate his work with photorealism, but Cogan paintings however have texture, are rich and tactile and can not be labeled as photorealism.

The thing i love about his paintings is the absence of the subjects, depopulated, it’s like he opens a door for you to walk on the street or just watch silently the landscape of the city or a common building that it seems so familiar and safe. There is no one, just you an the lonely streets and buildings, and Cung fulfilled  one of my dreams.

Rooftops midnight

Derby Alleyway

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I stumbled upon this really nice business cards, that are more then just cards, which brings me to the idea that even a business card can be a little piece of art, creative, innovative, challenging, relaxing, and its not only about the simple contact information, its the connection it makes with the target, the form, the colors, shape give you a certain visual attachment. Inspiring.










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Amazing architecture from McBride Charles Ryan, Monaco House in Melbourne Australia,  it’s like a sheet of paper on which you tried to write a letter or something and its just not good enough, you throw it away, but then again not being perfect its just as good as perfect or sometimes even better, just like here … it’s almost like poetry.





Clay cabinet red

Maarten Baas is a young Dutch Designer. In June 2002 he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with two designs. His two design works comprised of a series of charred furniture, popularly known as the Smoke series and an ingenious sundial, displaying the hours in shadow. His works were nominated for the René Smeets and Melkweg design awards.

His Smoke collection was a success thanks to to the international exposure of exhibitions in Milan, London, and Paris that the Smoke series is considered by museums, critics, collectors and the design-informed public an iconic collection of contemporary design.

After a flourishing solo-exhibition at Moss in New York in 2004, Baas began collaborating with Bas den Herder, who is now responsible for the production of all of Maarten Baas’s works.

To me his work represents the line between cartoon and real life, just like Baas said in an interview “we call nature perfect, although a landscape of rocks is not smooth and symmetric at all. How come we like that as well? If you have a scratch on your car you want to polish it away. But don’t scratches make a product richer? Or if something breaks off, isn’t this new shape also a perfect shape? As an answer to these kind of questions I started to do the opposite of polishing; the opposite of striving to keep the original condition [of existing objects].”

New solo exhibitions will be launched in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and Shanghai this coming year.

From "The Chankley Bore" collection

Dining black right


Clay fan Group2007_5_1_16_54_15-sculpt_armchair_and_coffeetable1


Blue Bulb (True Fiction) 1986-2004

Sandy Skouglungis an American conceptual photographer and installation artist. Her work represents basically a social critique of consumption and domestic life. One of her major foray into graphics is True Fiction (1986) a portfolio where she mixes high contrast colors and optical patterns created through repeated elements. Skoglund creates surealist images by building elaborate sets ortableaux, furnishing them with carefully selected colored furniture and other objects, a process of which takes her months to complete. Finally, she photographs the set, complete with actors.


Green Glove (True Fiction) 1986-2004


Purple Blender (True Fiction) 1986-2004


The Laws of Interior Design (True Fiction) 1986-2004


Red Flower (True Fiction) 1986-2004


The Possibilities of Trash (True Fiction) 1986-2004


The Theory of Energy (True Fiction) 1986-2004


The Sound of Food (True Fiction) 1986-2004